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Sustainable Development

The Norfolk Community College Network will be sharing information here about everything we are doing, on what impact we have achieved for local people and communities, and to demonstrate successful ways of working to our partners and stakeholders.

Every year, the Community College will publish annual social impact accounts, showing the difference the project is making to people’s lives and their communities. A year is a long time to wait however, so we will provide updates on this page every month.

These updates will show how many people we have supported to access training, to improve their skills and confidence, and to move into sustainable employment.

Our social impact accounts will help to keep us on track, ensuring that we remain accountable to local people who are longer-term unemployed and living in Norfolk.

What do we mean by sustainable development?

By sustainable development, we are referring to the social, economic and environmental benefits that will happen as a result of the project. To guide us in this work, we will measure our performance using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In total, there are 17 goals and we have identified 10 goals in particular that fit closely with the work of the Community College.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Our Sustainability Compact

This sets out our commitment to sustainable development and is displayed in all of our main delivery locations.

Click here to read our sustainability compact. (We are currently putting the finishing touches to our Sustainable Compact. Once this has been completed, you will be able to download it here)

Monthly Updates for 2017/18 Our first monthly update will be published here in June 2017.

PerformanceTargetActual% difference by month% difference by year
The number of people supported to improve their work-readiness.
The number of people supported to move into education or training.
The number of people supported into employment including self-employment.
The number of people supported to undertake their own job-search.

Annual Social Impact Accounts

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