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Outstanding Achievements – ACE Training Engineering Participants Succeed!

February 28, 2019

Having recently completed an induction course in Engineering through the Norfolk Community College, Danny, Simon, Shaun and Vincent continued their outstanding progress with the project by achieving an Entry Level 3 ” Introduction into Motor Vehicle Skills”Gateway Qualification.   During the course the group learnt a variety of new skills including:

  • Identification of basic car parts, which covered internal and external parts and they carried out a range of practical tasks of removal and re-fitment of them.
  • checking and maintaining levels on a car, which covered all the levels and fluids and the basic servicing of them.
  • Checking and maintaining car tyres, which they gained knowledge of safety, faults, pressures tread depths and they all carried out practical tasks of removing tyres and refitting.

Having enjoyed the sessions, worked extremely hard on the practical aspects and competing their portfolios to a high standard, the group have all returned to ACE training to complete a Level 1 course.

If you are interested in learning new skills through the Norfolk Community College project, please contact us on 01493 419255 or by emailing us on:


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