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Helping Paul to go from ‘Strength to Strength!’

April 17, 2018

In the last 12 months Paul Kimble has completed a range of activities with the Norfolk Community College project.  Here we tell of Paul’s journey through the project.

Paul was struggling with his mental health, especially anxiety and this affected him on a daily basis.   His anxiety was so bad that some days he would not leave his flat.  He really was in need of some help and direction.

During his engagement with the project Paul has achieved his goal of  starting voluntary work, giving him his first step on the road back to employment.  With the support of a Skill Connectors Paul was encouraged and set achievable goals.

It also helped his wellbeing by having regular one to one appointments with Norfolk Community College staff, making sure that every part of his journey was well supported and that any issues could be solved together.  By accessing the project Paul was also able to gain advice from a Specialist Support Advisors; helping Paul to ensure he was receiving his full benefit entitlements, alleviating the pressure from him so that he could concentrate on what he does best: being a fantastic volunteer at the hospital!Paul is currently volunteering at The Norwich Community Hospital, he is doing exceptionally well and regularly receives praise for his efforts in the workplace. He even dressed up as an elf to bring some festive spirit to the workplace.

Paul is a lot more confident within himself, he has built up a routine with his voluntary work and as he has become more comfortable in the role, he has been pushing to further his personal development by undertaking extra tasks and additional duties. He also came up with a better system of handling the mail where he works to make it easier for staff. This was very well received and improved Paul’s confidence immensely. He is much more bubbly at appointments now as well.

Paul has developed a level of resilience that he didn’t necessarily have before. If things do bother him, he is much more open to speaking about it so solutions can be found, rather than bottling it up causing massive anxiety.  As his skill and confidence continue to develop over the course of the project, Paul now feels more comfortable asking for help and the confidence to continue his personal journey of achievement.

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