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Celebrating over five years with Norfolk Community College, the team is delighted to introduce our new design for posters, flyers, banners, and all things in-between. With popping bright colours and big bulky text, you can be sure that this new design is guaranteed to catch your eye when visiting local libraries (Great Yarmouth and Gorleston), community/job events, and even digitally on our website.

Three flyers are placed on a table. There is also a transparent flyer stand on top of them.

Information on the flyer has also been updated to the latest BBO Programme policy. Previously you needed be out of employment for over two years before being qualified to enrol on the project. However, now to need to be unemployed for only six months to enter, although please do talk to us if over three months as we may still be able to help.

We’re very excited to be sharing this new design with you all and hope you like the new look. Don’t be shy, we’d love for you to take one and share it with friends and family!

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Interested in enrolling? Sign up here:

The team at Norfolk Community College thanks you for your continued support and will continue to help you reach your life goals.

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