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Sean’s Story

Prior to when the Norfolk Community College project was founded, Sean was unemployed and feeling low due to not receiving much help from the job centre. He was placed with Joleen by his work coach who helped him complete a customer service and I.T course that gave him two City and Guilds certificates which helped him back into employment.

Fast forward to March 2022, where he was once again placed with Joleen (who is now with Norfolk Community College as one of our training Employment Co-Ordinators) Sean knew that thanks to her help previously he was confident that she could assist him once more in getting back into work, training or education.

“The help I was given was the best help I’ve ever had being placed with a Training and Employment co-ordinator and I always get the help I require. Joleen helps me by pushing me and keeps me enthusiastic and motivated.”

During his time on the project, Joleen was able to help Sean acquire a passport and birth certificate which were used as acceptable IDs that he needed to enter an SIA course. She also supported him throughout his time training and by the end, he was given a license that permits anyone to work in security.

From there, Sean met with multiple potential employers who have offered him work for the present and future and was able to regain employment.

“Norfolk Community College were brilliant and everyone is helpful … keep up doing what they are doing as they are amazing.”

“They achieve results as long as the client is willing to help themselves and they constantly check up and see your progress and they are awesome people who want to help anyone and everyone who wants and needs help.”

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