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Janine’s Story

Janine (Nin) lives in Breckland with her partner and children. Nin came into contact with the Norfolk Community College project as she was really keen to learn new skills and improve her employment prospects however she was nervous about her level of knowledge.

Nin wanted to support from the project’s Training Coordinator to assess her I.T, English and Maths skills.   She also wanted a refresher of Adult Safeguarding and an Interview Skills workshop. After completing some 1:1 training with the project, Nin surprised herself with how much she already knew and how much she enjoyed the session.

Nin is currently completing a job application with the project’s Employment Development Worker and is excited about the future.

“I have been unemployed since 2006 following a bitter divorce and custody battle, my mental health deteriorated.  My relationship broke down and my family and I moved to Dereham.

Here I got involved with a local support service and started receiving help from them as I was so depressed and anxious I couldn’t bear to leave my house not even to get my daughter to school! With their support and signing up to complete Home Achievement Programme modules I slowly got more confident in myself and kicked an underlying personal issue that I had been ignoring for years!

I enjoyed completing my course so much I got involved with volunteering for a local charity. I completed the course delivery training so I was able to mentor others and also completed my peer mentor support Home Achievement Programme module which is how I met Sam Apeh, a Norfolk Community College staff member.

I started gaining an interest in a support role a few years ago as I realised with my lived experience how I could help others who had been in similar situations to myself. I met with Sam and he explained what Norfolk Community College do and I was interested immediately and now with the help of Rebecca Bentley, Training Coordinator and Sam Apeh, Skills Connector, to apply for my dream job! Without support from agencies I couldn’t have got where I am today and I think sometimes a little bit of support can make a lot of difference to someone’s life, I want to be that person who helps make a difference.

Prior to my training sessions at home with Rebecca Bentley I was a bit anxious about applying for paid work as I felt I was lacking some basic skills and knowledge.

Rebecca Bentley helped me sign up to Learn My Way, an online assessment and training centre which helped me with all aspects of learning my way around emails, documents and basically anything on the internet. I found this extremely useful and enjoyable to do and completed a Maths and English assessment, also it made me realise that I knew more than I originally thought.

I knew a little about safeguarding through previous employment but the training I did with Rebecca certainly opened my eyes to other safeguarding issues that I have not encountered before.

I am extremely nervous about my interview as it will be my first one for a very long time. Going through some tips and advice and also questions to ask and answer from the Interview Skills training was extremely helpful as I always struggle with what I would want to say. I feel much more confident going forward with new knowledge and skills under my belt thanks to the Norfolk Community College team.”

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