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Graham’s Story

Graham’s story, aged 53.


Graham initially sought advice on how to complete a CV and job applications. Graham had spent many years as civil servant with a high level of experience.
We linked this pool of experience in with job descriptions from current vacancies.

With one to one coaching we were able to support Graham to be able to meet employer expectations such as, are required in today’s competitive job market.
Online interviews being one. Graham told us that he has developed his job search skills through the help of Skills Connector Don and Employment and Training co-ordinator Joleen.
Through their vast experience, Graham felt more confident on how to approach job applications, where to look for positions and to get vital feedback and support from mock interviews.

He shared with us that the project has given him back his feeling of self-worth and confidence when it comes to employment.
Furthermore, the advice he received throughout his time with us has taught him the very valuable lesson of “being yourself”.

Graham’s advice to anyone struggling with looking for work is that you should not be afraid and should get involved with the project, the staff are very experienced and happy to help you get to your goal.

He stated that he would gladly recommend the project’s services to any prospective participants.

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