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Daniel’s Story

When Daniel joined Norfolk Community college he was already actively volunteering with the Priory Centre supporting people. He knew he enjoyed supporting people and wanted to do this for a job. Daniel lacked confidence in his abilities and in making the leap from volunteering to a paid support role. Together we look at what skills he had gained as a volunteer and looked at the all the options open to him. He jumped at the opportunity to apply for the Employment Development Trainee and I am so pleased that he has been successful at getting the position. – 

Simon Abel, Skills Connector

An interview with Daniel- Norfolk Community College participant 

What was your background before joining the project? (introduce yourself and give details of what you were doing before joining the project)

“I have previously worked in manual jobs and I suffered a back injury in 2016 that took a long time to recover from. During recovery I decided I didn’t want to do any more manual work and wanted to work with people. I heard about the Priory Centre from my doctor and went a long to see what they did.  I started volunteering with them and really enjoyed helping people who used their services. I wasn’t sure how to get a paid job supporting people and the jobs I did see when job searching required a driving license, which I don’t have.”

How did you hear about the project and why did you decide to join?

“The Priory Centre had arranged some training to be provided by Norfolk Community College. I got talking to Rebecca who was delivering the training and she told me how the project could help me with getting back into work, as well as give advice around training and help look at my finances. Rebecca also told me about Employment Development Trainee position that was available with Norfolk Community College that sounded interesting.”


What did you do on the project? (what was your experience like, what did you enjoy about the project)

  • “I found everyone working on the project to be very supportive and encouraging.”
  • “Support from Simon was very relaxed and he was easy to talk to. Getting his help to look over my job application and give me pointers on what to include was really beneficial.”
  • “I really enjoyed the training with Rebecca. Her sessions were relaxed and informative. I went to sessions including adult safeguarding, confidence and self-esteem and interview skills. I also had a mock interview that was helpful as I hadn’t had an interview for many years. The interview was tailored to a job I was interested in.”

How has the project changed your life? (for example are you more confident, in employment, on a training course)

“Taking part in Norfolk Community College has helped me moved forward in the career that I wanted. I feel a lot more confident in myself and achieving my goals. It was great having people believe in my abilities and encourage me to make progress towards my work goals. Being invited to be part of the Steering Group for Norfolk Community College has also helped with my confidence because my opinion is valued.”

Thinking about the project would you tell your friends and family about it and why?

“Yes I would definitely tell friends and people who I come across about the help available. I think lots of people don’t know what support is out there and it is good to have help from a team of people who can point you in the right direction.”

What is the biggest thing you gained by being on the project?

“Employment! I have been offered a job with Future Projects as an Employment Development Trainee.”

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