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Chris’ Story

Following the passing of his son and suffering his eighth anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear in his knee, Chris struggled with mental health problems for thirteen years and was unable to pursue his job in the catering industry as he felt both lost and anxious about the future that was ahead of him.

That’s when he discovered the Building Better Opportunities programme in a news article. There was something about it that appealed to him, and after doing some research, found the Norfolk Community College project. Chris realised that he met the requirements to apply and knew the project could help him back on his feet.

Chris began the project as a participant during the COVID-19 pandemic over the phone. At the time, Sam from Future Projects discussed with him the traineeship programme, as he knew that Chris would be ideal for this kind of work. Although no promises were made, Chris worked tirelessly to train towards the possibility of joining the project while his knee recovered from surgery.

During his time on the project as a trainee, Chris has had a much brighter outlook on the world and himself as a person.

“Since joining the project, I have had huge changes in myself as the training I have done before starting my traineeship and since joining the team have reshaped the way I see and approach the world. I now see every opportunity to improve someone else’s life or day as a positive for myself. We never really know what others are going through so a small gesture or just a kind word can really help people.”

Chris continues to work hard within Norfolk Community College and Future Projects to give participants support in finding employment, training, or education throughout the Norfolk area.

“I could not recommend the project more. The teams and people I have worked with genuinely care. They only want to see me become the best version of myself as this is what we want for all our participants.”

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